The Canadian Military Choose VeriCorder Technology

Accelerate Okanagan Venture Acceleration Program (VAP) “Graduate” VeriCorder Technology Inc has been selected by the Department of National Defence to build a mobile journalism system to be used at the Defence Public Affairs Learning Centre (DPALC) for both the Canadian Military and NATO.  On Wednesday March 21st, local MP Ron Cannan lead a reception to announce the award and demo VeriCorder’s world class communications system.

The Canadian Armed forces is turning to this Kelowna based company to make their public affairs officers more efficient in the field. Investment in VeriCorder’s video app means there will be no need for an editing suite or cumbersome video equipment when field reporting. All they need is an iPhone and the ‘Voddio’ app.

The military chose to install VeriCorder’s new ‘VeriLocal’ system, which allows them to record and edit audio and video on the app; and then to easily post that multimedia to the VeriLocal website.

Gary Symons, founder of the Okanagan Startup says the technology also allows the military to track every reporter in the field. Gary was a journalist for 25 years before founding VeriCorder. His aim is to make the world’s first end-to-end solution, integrating Mobile Journalism Apps, into an advanced Content Management System, and finally into an infinitely scalable Playout System.

DPALC is the main training centre not just for the Canadian military, but for public affairs officers throughout NATO and many other military organizations around the world. Project leader Guy Paquette of DPALC says the military chose VeriCorder because the Kelowna-based company has produced the world’s most advanced system for mobile journalism.

VeriCorder graduated from the Accelerate Okanagan VAP program in February, 2012. Jason Neale, CEO of VeriCorder said “this is another win for an Accelerate Okanagan company!”

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