Karackter Hackathon at UBC Okanagan

Would you like to become a technical co-founder of a company with up to a 30% equity stake?

entrepreneurship@UBC is hosting the founders of a hot new company in Kelowna who are looking for top technical talent to join their team as co-founders of the company.

Karackter Labs will run a live hackathon competition at the UBC Okanagan Campus (EME Building) on Saturday, April 28th, from 1pm to 7pm.

They are looking  for 1 or 2 (even 3 if it’s the right fit) technical co-founders ( or you could call it a hacker-cofounder or coder-cofounder) to be a part of a highly experienced team and establish a tech startup!

What is at Stake:
Karackter Labs is all about creating interactive and engaging experiences for brands through social media (check out the beta for Women’s Pro Soccer).

The opportunity:
They’re not kidding around here! They are thinking way outside the box and are prepared to offer up to a 30% equity stake in Karackter Labs for a technical Co-Founder(s)

There are a few technical skill sets that are needed to create the teams for the hackathon. They need:

  • Coders that know some or all – HTML5, PHP, SQL, Java
  • Animators – creation and manipulate wire frames
  • Designers – User Interface, Design and Software User Experience

You Do:

  • Need to know this is not a job!
  • Need to know that you become part owner of a business
  • Need to have desire and passion to build and be involved in a high tech start-up
  • Need to understand its hard work to be a technical co-founder
  • Need to know the other co-founders have built and sold high tech start-ups in the Silicon Valley.

You Don’t:

  • Need to be an expert coder, but you do need to know how to code!

What is a technical co-founder?
An equity partner is someone that has technical abilities to create and hack up some killer code, is equally passionate about the space they are in (interactive social media), and can compliment the skills of the existing team with his or her own unique offerings to code, hack and develop software.

Who are the other co-founders?

Steve Wandler

Steve Wandler: Founder and CEO of YourTechOnline.com (YTO). YTO became the #1 ranked Online Tech Support Company in North America beating out Best Buy’s Geek Squad, which lead to the acquisition of the company to support.com a San Francisco Bay Area company (NASDAQ: SPRT) in 2008.

Tim Eades: With over 17 years of leadership experience in sales, marketing, and general management, Tim lives in the Silicon Valley and has deep expertise in driving high growth for computing, security and enterprise software companies. His business experience includes providing technology solutions to Fortune 100 companies, large enterprises, mid-size businesses, as well as consumer markets. Timothy holds advanced degrees in business, international marketing, and financial analysis, primarily from Solent University in England.

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