Startup Canada Kicks Off

Entrepreneurs across Canada are getting a voice today as the Startup Canada movement launches from Ottawa. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird headlines the startup event.

Startup Canada is Canada’s first-ever, entrepreneur-led, national movement to enhance the nation’s competitiveness and prosperity by supporting and celebrating Canadian entrepreneurship. Startup Canada is harnessing the collective energies of Canadian entrepreneurs and enterprise support communities from Coast to Coast with the goals of providing the entrepreneurship community with a strong voice, promoting a vibrant entrepreneurial culture and creating a unified brand that Canadians can rally around.

Startup Canada is launching this effort with the country’s first national entrepreneurship tour and campaign. The tour will run from March to September, engaging 25,000 Canadians and 250 partner organizations across the country. Entrepreneurs will participate in more than 30 Town Halls and 100 Fringe Events and connect through a social media groundswell campaign.

This unique effort will not only identify key challenges facing Canadian entrepreneurs, but will bring them together in a way they never have been before. It’s the beginning of a critical conversation and the first step in a new way of thinking.

Here in British Columbia, our Core Funding Partner, B.C. Innovation Council (BCIC)’s contributions to the Startup Canada movement are shaping up. The tour stops here in the Okanagan on September 11th and 12th. Check back regularly for updates to the Okanagan events soon to be announced.

Want more information? You can contact Startup Canada at or call them at 613.316.6203.

Follow them on Twitter @StartUp_Canada and on Facebook. Use/Follow Twitter the hash-tag: #startuplaunch.





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