Co-Founder Co-nfusion | Our June 26th HR “Face Time” Aims to Clarify

Are you the Founder of a brand new or well established tech-company looking to add other Founding Members to your team? This can be one of the biggest hurdles when starting a business. While sometimes this comes naturally with the territory or product in development, as in, “we’ve been best friends since Kindergarten and decided to start this in our basement“, it can also catch us off guard mid-way through a growth spurt or as we are heading down the path to Incorporation if we are at first, alone.

Usually the reason people form a Co-Founder relationship is because when you’re in start-up mode, you’re bootstrapped. You have your idea and (at first) a lot of energy, but you need a team that is more like family, that can build the company, with you. As Chris McCann of  StartupDigest claims, this is the “Co-Founder Matching Problem” (more links on this from him, below).

So without further ado, how are we, Accelerate Okanagan, here to help you, the local entrepreneur, navigate common issues in finding, securing and taking care of your Co-Founder(s) with smiles all around? Join us on June 26th for a brown-bag lunch, 12-1pm, with the one and only, Shawnee Love, of Love HR. You can register in advance here. And we recommend registering as early as possible because this hot topic is sure to sell out in the first 24 hours.

And if you’re really a keener like us, you can read a whole bunch more via these Co-Founder vet’s (click here!).

And if that doesn’t help you, we can! So please do get in touch if you have any questions or to get more information about our programs and offerings (Central, North) (South).

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