On December 31, 2010 the Okanagan Research and Innovation Centre (ORIC) and the Okanagan Science and Technology Council (OSTEC) amalgamated to form Accelerate Okanagan.

ORIC was founded by Peter Haubrich in 2005 and focused on helping entrepreneurs to start and grow technology companies in the Okanagan. With centers in White Lake, Kelowna and then Penticton, ORIC played a role in the creation of over 20 companies and 60 plus new high tech jobs. ORIC offered programs covering pre and full incubation, combining mentorship, coaching and structured learning.

OSTEC was formed by the merger of the Okanagan High Technology Council and the Science & Technology Council of the Okanagan in 2001. OSTEC was a membership driven organization with over 250 members; delivering regular events, activities and networking sessions. OSTEC’s role was to foster an environment to support science and technology and act as a representative and advocate for the interest of their members and the technology community as a whole.