About Accelerate Okanagan

  • Our Mission

    We exist to give new and growing businesses in the technology industry the levels of competence, connections and community they need to thrive locally, and be recognized internationally.

  • Startups start and grow better in the Okanagan.

    AO makes Western Canada’s Okanagan one of the world’s most fertile places for tech companies. Our tech startup accelerator helps develop and support entrepreneurs in the technology community. We do this through programs and resources, acting as a hub for connecting like-minded individuals and companies with goals of growth and success.

  • Accelerate Okanagan programs inspire success on all levels.

    At Accelerate Okanagan we work with everyone from students to well established companies. Aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, job seekers, career changers, companies looking to expand and grow, and companies with proven track records come together here to learn and foster success. Our programs are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our community.

Why we exist.

It’s high time high-tech businesses had a place to go to get the start up, stay up, and move up help they need for sustainable success—without being forced to part with big chunks of their companies in return. The Okanagan is that place. Accelerate Okanagan is the tech accelerator that provides the necessary tools, disciplines and structure required for success, in an innovative not-for-profit, zero-equity-stake model that works better, in a place where people live better.

Who we are.

Our board, operations team and Executives in Residence mentors are the people who help make success inevitable. Your success is their one and only job.

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What we do.

Our programs are carefully curated to inspire success stories in the tech sector. Our expertise, experience and environment are proven to drive successful results.

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