What is AO's Mission? 

To give new and growing technology-driven businesses the mentorship, connections and community they need to thrive. 

What types of events does AO organize?

AO hosts and organizes a variety of events throughout the year, some of which include:

  • Expert Access
  • Funding & Support
  • AO What We Do Session
  • Startup Basics
  • Entrepreneurs Unplugged
  • New Year Kick Off
  • Metabridge
  • Women in Tech
  • For more events visit AO's event calendar here.

What are some meetups I can attend?

  • Digital Okanagan Meetups
  • Startup Drinks
  • Startup Weekend
  • Just Because Coffees
  • #devKL
  • Vernon #geekbeers 
  • Art Brew
  • Secret meeting of the Satoshi Institute 
  • #Startup CoffeeKL
  • For more meetups visit AO's event calendar here

How is AO funded?

AO is funded federally through the National Research Council (NRC), and provincially through BC Innovation Council (BCIC). 

What are some of the requirements to join an AO program? 

Some general requirements include:

  • Pre-revenue / early revenue
  • Working prototype / minimum viable product in progress
  • Business co-founder in place

What are some of the AO Program outcomes?

  • Since 2010, AO has mentored 150+ program clients
  • Over $20 million has been raised by program clients
  • 420+ hires by accelerated companies

What do startups get out of participating in AO programs?

  • Understanding of high level growth tactics and metrics 
  • Access to information and contacts for government funding and support
  • Mentorship and access to partner expertise
  • Tangible business outcomes 
  • Access to Market Validation Training 
  • Connection to the local entrepreneurial community 

Does AO take equity in startups? 

No! AO is a not-for-profit, zero-equity-stake model.

Looking for funding? 

 Access a list of suggested Angel investment and other funding options here.

What types of tech companies does AO help? 

Product based technology companies such as:

  • Clean/green tech
  • agri-tech
  • life sci tech
  • information & communications tech
  • advanced manufacturing