• January 23, 2020

    Kukarella Releases Ultimate Text to Speech Converter

    Kukarella launched an Ultimate Voice Converter that, for the first time, gives ordinary users full and easy access to voice synthesizers from Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon. The company is going to disrupt the ‘text-to-speech’ industry with its new user-centric platform.


    Kukarella is a web service that converts text to speech in real-time. It gives users access to ...

  • January 23, 2020

    We Are OKGNtech | Meet Evan

    A strong community can promote new ideas and ensure accountability. It can also act as motivation, support, and even provide a little friendly competition. The power of community is undeniable and the Okanagan tech community is no exception.

    Our community is strong and growing with record speed and maintaining a connection through a period of growth like this can be a challenge. Nobody ...

  • January 21, 2020

    5 Things We Learned from NYKO 2020

    On January 9, 2020, Accelerate Okanagan hosted the 9th annual New Year Kick Off at BNA Brewing. This Ultra-Canadian Chalet Soiree played host to over 450 OKGNtech entrepreneurs, investors, supporters, and cheerleaders.  Good times were had, memories were made, and our team was reminded that not only is the OKGNtech community brimming with dreamers and risk-takers committed to building the futur...

  • January 20, 2020


    Yeti Farm Creative is partnering with Chopped Canada’s award-winning Chef Pierre A. Lamielle on its second independently produced digital first pre-school series, “Munchy, Munchy”. Based on Chef Lamielle’s “The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids” and “Alice Eats: A Wonderland Cookbook and Kitchen Scraps: A Humorous Illustrated Cookbook”, which won best illustrated cookbook in the world at the Gour...

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