• March 25, 2020

    BC Housing Market Visualization Platform by Ruby Industries Inc.

    Ruby Industries Inc., a data science and data visualization consulting firm from West Kelowna, completed the development of the BC Housing Market Visualization Platform in collaboration with provincial government agencies BC Stats and Innovate BC.

    The application offers British Columbians the opportunity to interact with B.C.’s housing data, get insights into the role of foreign ownersh...

  • March 23, 2020

    Food Bank receives $10,000 donation prize at just the right time

    Tech start-up Trellis Social Enterprise Inc.’s Sprout a Fundraiser challenge has officiallywrapped up, and the winner, the Central Okanagan Food Bank, has received a $10,000donation during what has become a very critical time.

    The donation was the first place prize donated by The Clique Group Ltd., local digital advertisingagency and won based on the third-party fundraising event, The 2...

  • March 18, 2020

    Working From Home | Part 2: Etiquette

    We want everyone to feel included and heard. We all have a responsibility to create environments where we can all contribute best.


    As the meeting host/facilitator:

    Before: Make sure your technology is working for every participant PRIOR TO the meeting’s start time. Troubleshooting during a meeting creates delays and frustrations. Instruct virtual participants o...
  • March 18, 2020

    Working From Home | Part 1: Mindset

    Self-management, empathy for each other, and productivity are essential to the mindset of working in (and working with others in) a remote, distributed or work from home environment.

    Practice “remote hygiene” Regardless of whether one person, many persons or all persons are working from a distributed environment—responding in a timely manner, attending meetings on time, ending meetings ...

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