Okanagan Based Data Nerds Accepted Into 2017 Techstars Boulder

AO Client, Data Nerds, is the first Okanagan company to be accepted into the Techstars program.

What began as a digital marketing optimization company, quickly became a team of developers, data analysts, and real estate professionals aiming to disrupt the real estate industry. How? Sort of like the way CarFax gives you information about your used car, CEO Josh Fraser of Data Nerds built a “CarFax for homes” aimed at helping you make a more informed decision on the biggest purchase of your life. More accurately, it’s an API for property, neighbourhood, market, and crime information. And now, Data Nerds has taken this innovative technology to Techstars Boulder to build it even further.

Techstars is one of the world’s most renowned accelerator programs. Over 3,500 mentors support their three-month mentorship-driven accelerator program offered in 26 cities across the globe from Adelaide to Los Angeles. Techstars Boulder is home to big mentor names like: Brad Feld, co-founder of Techstars, Managing Director at Foundry Group, and author of Startup Communities; and Chris Moody, VP of Data Strategy of Twitter. The 2017 Techstars Boulder class has helped companies like OccipitalFull ContactNext Big SoundSpheroDigital Ocean, and SendGrid find traction amid American markets.

“We believe Josh has the special capacity to build a huge business in this space as data becomes more and more important for making all decisions,” said Techstars. “The data and insight he has will turn Data Nerds into the world’s most comprehensive and powerful database for real estate and property record information, thereby helping millions of people make better decisions with their most important asset” said Techstars.

But the journey to Techstars was not an easy one, and Accelerate Okanagan is happy to have helped Josh along the way.

Josh first came to Accelerate Okanagan (AO) in the early stages of Data Nerds with a fast growing company seeking help with the company’s growing pains. While in the RevUP program offered by Accelerate Okanagan, Josh transformed Data Nerds into a highly sought after data powerhouse, aggregating real estate and property data from around the US and Canada to bring information transparency to the real estate market.

“Data Nerds joined Accelerate Okanagan’s RevUP program about a year ago” said Accelerate Okanagan Programs Strategist, Andrew Greer. “Pairing Josh and his senior leadership team with experienced mentors has helped to focus their product offering and find product market fit; they quickly turned into one of the fastest growing companies AO has ever worked with. It’s been a challenge to keep up with their growth and Josh has pushed Accelerate Okanagan to be better.”

While Data Nerds kept growing, driven by a solid team at home in the office in Kelowna BC, Josh was on a hunt for a growth strategy. He travelled to several conferences and met with strong, successful serial entrepreneurs, many of which are involved as mentors in the Techstars program, that helped him on his way. After some deliberation and discussion with Julie Penner, Director of Techstars Boulder, and Natty Zola, Managing Director of Techstars Boulder, Josh committed to Techstars.

Josh comments, “...a lifestyle business that pays for your hobbies and interests is really satisfying. But there definitely comes a point, and I guess it didn’t take myself very long  it only took a few months of being comfortable with my business where I really wanted to go push myself and start learning again, and be in that grind mode, and really striving and thriving.”

“We are very proud of Josh and the whole team at Data Nerds” said Andrew. “Techstars will no doubt help Data Nerds accelerate their growth. It’ll help people make better decisions about one of their most important assets. This is a win for Data Nerds. A win for the Okanagan tech community. A win for Accelerate Okanagan. And a win for Techstars.”

To find out more about Accelerate Okanagan’s growth stage program (RevUP), click here.

Want to see Data Nerds in action? They’re only available in the United States right now, but check them out here!


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