Piscine Energetics Joins RevUP—Third Company in Past Month

Piscine Energetics is the third company in the past month to join Accelerate Okanagan’s RevUP program.

Piscine Energetics is the third company in the past month to join AO’s RevUP program which speaks to the growing technology sector in the Okanagan and the need for the mentorship programs Accelerate Okanagan provides for companies with rapid growth issues.

Piscine Energetics operates on a two-pronged mission: to create a fish-food product with all the nutritious benefits derived from the mysis shrimp, and at the same time improve the Kokanee salmon population in the Okanagan, and they’ve done just that. By harvesting the overpopulation of mysis shrimp found in Okanagan Lake, Piscine Energetics has improved the salmon population and at the same time supplied a sustainable nutritionally complete fish food. The company launched its first dry fish food product incorporating mysis shrimp as the leading ingredient, in the fourth quarter of 2016 and it has already been named a Top 10 reef aquarium product by the largest aquarium blog,

Joining Accelerate Okanagan in the summer of 2015 on the Traction program—a predecessor of RevUP, Piscine Energetics acknowledged the value of the growth stage programs at Accelerate Okanagan and has decided join the RevUP program for continued support.

As part of the Discovery Foundation Technology Education Program (TEP), the RevUP program connects companies and their leadership team with peers from companies at a similar stage and a team of experienced entrepreneurs to help them grow their business with individualized action plans, and targeted skills development. The RevUP Program is vital for technology companies with rapid-growth issues as it addresses three challenges facing growth-stage companies: building repeatable and scalable revenue models, inefficient business and operational processes, and capital management and accessing growth capital.

“Our greatest return on investment to date is the time spent with Accelerate Okanagan Executives in Residence,” said Murray Bye, CEO of Piscine. “They provide valuable insight based on past experience which we have already put into place in our manufacturing process. We walk away from our meetings both energized and inspired.”

Each company on the Accelerate Okanagan RevUP company is partnered with a team of Executives in Residence that support them through the course of their time on RevUP. Executives in Residence act as their primary advisory, often like an active member of their management team, coaching the entrepreneurs through the Venture Growth Model and work closely with them to ensure challenges are overcome and goals are met.

“It’s great to see an Okanagan company that’s making leaps and bounds as a business, while at the same time making meaningful impacts on our local environment,” said Fraser Campbell, Piscine’s lead EiR.  “We’re really excited about the social entrepreneurship element that Piscine brings to the table, and to be able to help them grow their business and help them help the local ecosystem is something we’re thrilled to support.”

Accelerate Okanagan supports startup and growth-stage companies from diverse sectors of both traditional and non-traditional technology, located from Salmon Arm to Osoyoos.

For more information about Accelerate Okanagan’s RevUP Program or Piscine, please contact Accelerate Okanagan Programs Manager, Thuy Tran at

If you’re interested in learning more Piscine Energetics, visit their website:, or read about how they’re the craft brewery of aquarium fish food.

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