Agile Operations | Goal Setting and Implementation Using OKRs

Learn how to better prioritize and allocate resources in rapidly changing times.

About this Event

If there is one that we have all learned in 2020, it’s how fast things can change. If you’re looking for strategies for how you can work toward your organizational goals while navigating the unknown, this Agile Operations workshop series is for you.

Rocky Ozaki, the Founder of NoW of Work Inc. and Executive In Residence with Accelerate Okanagan, will guide you through this three-part workshop. In this series, you’ll learn the concepts of how to set goals using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), lead annual and quarterly planning meetings, and decide when to pivot or preserve while operating in a 2-week sprint. Start 2021 with a framework for success with an agile and innovative operations strategy.



Session Details

DAY ONE: Planning Matters.

The modern way to author your annual plan, and measure what matters.

Wednesday, January 13

11 am -12 noon

DAY TWO: Pivot or preserve?

Agile companies balance deliberate and emergent strategies.

Thursday, January 14

11 am -12 noon

DAY THREE: Execution is hard.

How to prioritize and allocate resources to achieve your objectives.

Friday, January 15

11 am -12 noon

About Rocky Ozaki

Rocky is the Founder & CEO of the NoW of Work Inc. - a business transformation firm whose primary focus is helping executives build future-proofed, resilient organizations that are anchored on cultures of innovation and agility. He couples a decade of senior leadership roles in large enterprise, with 5-years in start-up tech to form what he believes is the culture and operational DNA for all modern companies.

This workshop is free to Accelerate Okanagan Members.

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