From Content to Clients

Are you overwhelmed when it comes to using social media for your business?  Feel like you’re constantly trying to figure out something to post?  Are you unsure if those posts are actually having an impact on your business?

I get it, I’ve been there before.  I have been brought in to many businesses because they have no idea if Facebook, Instagram, insert any other social media channel is working for them.  And in most cases, it’s not.

Want to know why?  They have no plan, no goals, no market identified, nothing.  No wonder why it’s so hard.  If I gave you a piece of paper with two dots on it one said start and one said finish but the paper was blank how would you know how to get to that finish line?  You wouldn’t.

You need a map, a plan for how to go from posting on social media to booking a client for example.  Without it, you’ll be struggling to figure out what the next step is and you’ll be wasting precious time every day trying to figure out what to do.

What if you could know exactly what you needed to do on social media to create content your audience wants and how to take them from interacting with your content to being a client easily.

It is a great feeling to kick overwhelm to the curb and feel confident that you have a plan and a direction and you know how to track how social media is impacting your business.

If you are ready for…

- A booked out business
- Creating conversations on your social media posts
- Growing your email list
- Having easy sales conversations
- Working with your dream clients

Then you need to have a game plan for your social media channel(s).  You are in luck because I have decided to share my game plan for how to go from Content to Clients.

I’m talking the exact system, all the steps, the tools and the checklists so that you too can know exactly how social media can impact your business and bring you in clients.

I’ve got limited space in this Live group program as I want this to be a very active group where you have plenty of access to me to ask as many questions as needed as you go through this process.

This program takes place over 10 weeks.