Kelowna Clicbitz 3D Printer Technology Day Camp for Kids

Clicbitz Summer Technology camps for Girls and Boys ages 8-12. 4 days of fun using 3D printers, computer programming skills, graphic design, and NFC technology. Create, customize and program your own Clicbitz buttons for your backpack!

Clicbitz summer camp will be covering topics such as the importance of taking care of our environment, and being responsible with waste. We talk about plastic and how there are now alternatives such as PLA, which is made of corn. We use PLA in our 3D printers, and have decided to use PLA for our Clicbitz as a greener way to manufacture. Each child will learn how to make their very own creation in child friendly CAD programs, and will be creating a " Dreamhouse" as our first project.
Other programs used are graphics programs, voice recorders, and sticker printers. We will also be using the Clicbitz App where they can program their Clicbitz for an educational interactive backpack. We will also be playing with computer programs, playing interactive games and of course opening our minds after a fun 4 days of new ideas and technology.

Registration fee includes a free backpack, and 20 clicbitz.

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