Recruitment 101

There is no question that growing your team comes with a unique set of challenges, especially when it’s your first or second hire. Join Ingrid Takai, owner of Ronin HR and learn more about navigating these challenges.

Ingrid has worked in Kelowna tech companies for 7 years, from small startups to scaling companies. She now runs Ronin HR, a tech recruitment company focused on the Okanagan. She understands both what it’s like when there is a struggle to meet payroll or find talent during fast growth. She will share valuable insights on how to prepare before launching your recruitment campaign and will help you avoid major pitfalls.


This session will touch on:

  • Building an attractive job description

  • Setting salary ranges

  • Interview process and timeline

  • Selling your opportunity

  • Setting expectations


Lunch will be provided.

Registration is required.