Tax Incentives For Your Business

Stop by the Accelerate Okanagan office to chat with Jacqueline Gustafson, Director Markets, Tax Incentives - from our Vancouver office. Today only, her advice is complimentary for AO patronsPlease sign up using the register button in above graphic, or drop in and see if she is available!

Jacqueline Gustafson is a Director in KPMG’s western region Tax Incentives Practice. Jacqueline has more than 14 years of experience advising clients, providing strategic planning to support future tax incentives and ensuring current tax credits are optimized. She specializes in the Technology, Transportation, Manufacturing and Industrial Products sectors.  

Jacqueline can assist you with questions related to: finding the right funding for your business.  These funds can take the form of grants, loans and incentives, and can be used to:

—   Expand your business

—   Conduct internal training

—   Implement energy saving solutions at new or existing facilities

—   Conduct business with the government of Canada (buying and selling)

—   Conduct research or collaborate with other company or universities

Especially relevant to emerging start-up businesses is the available Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive program.  Some typical activities that indicate your company may quality include:


‒      Improvements to existing products and/or manufacturing processes

–      Development of new products and/or manufacturing processes

–      Development of new methodologies and process improvements

–      Prototyping and performance evaluations

–      Test runs resulting in wasted product or material

–      Upgrades, feature extensions, and validations that were part of the development cycle

–      Experimentations and system integration

–      Software design, development and testing

–      Use of new materials

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