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Every third Thursday of the month, Accelerate Okanagan’s Business Partners will be in house to provide one-on-one legal & financial advice for your tech startup. Registration is required.   

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Topic Suggestions

Wondering what type of appointment to make? Look below for suggested topics with the various experts.

Legal OneOnOne • Co-founder Agreements
• Basic Legal Issues & Documents
• Patent & IP Protection
• Confidentiality, & Protection of Company Interests
• Beta & End User Licensing
• Intellectual Property Disclaimer
• Structuring your Company – Now & Future Growth
• Ensuring Compliance with Employment Laws
• Employee & Contractor Agreements
Accounting OneOnOne • Business Plan Preparation & the Financial Components
• Understanding Financial Statements
• Bringing in Investors
• Business Banking vs. Personal Banking
• Reducing Transaction Costs of Doing Business Globally
• Learn about Various Borrowing, Credit, & Lines of Credit