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Animation Director

Posted on: April 23rd, 2019 Kelowna, BC Yeti Farm Creative (Bensay Innovative Inc.)


Reporting to the Studio Director and Producer, the Animation Director works closely with their 

Coordinator and Supervising team. Responsible for reviewing overall animation production on a creative level and ensuring that cuts are produced at the highest quality and on schedule to help support and reflect the Director and Client’s visions. This position requires a lot of hands on dealings with the Directors and clear communication and pre-planning in order to provide the animation team what’s needed to produce high quality animation.

Core Responsibilities:

• Aid the Animation Supervisors in assigning workload and quotas to their animators, taking into

consideration difficulty, character count, number of panels and frame lengths, to ensure quota is

distributed as evenly as possible and to the animators’ strengths. Is the communication connection

between multiple Supervisors on teams, Lighting/comp, FX and Editorial;

• Will be responsible to organize and set up the animation department for the production. Reviewing team applicants with the production team. As well as creating the animation pre-production bible for the series by organizing pre-existing materials and creating new cycles, samples and poses as needed for the production.

• Looks out for the overall animation look of the series. Making sure episode quality is consistent, and on style. As well as making sure the intent of the stories and character personalities are kept intact;

• Reviewing edit cuts for closeness to the approved storyboard/animatic and ensuring work meets high quality standards and demonstrates a strong sense of performance, posing, timing, and weight, including lip sync and shot-to-shot continuity. Will also be required to look at individual shots when necessary to aid production.

• Ability to work collaboratively within a team to ensure animation adheres to the style and vision requested by the Director and Clients;

• Will be in charge of reviewing retake notes from the Director/Clients, indicating any problems that could affect production or deemed out of series scope to the Prod Coordinator. Ability to adapting notes so that they communicate the necessary information to the animation team in Directorial terms.

• Will be in charge of the Retake team, aiding on footage for “Money” shots, key revisions or otherwise

jumping in to support the team in animation when needed to keep the schedule on track;

• Follow and educate others on the production processes and assist in tracking shots right to the approval stage. Responsible for the animation team in meeting production deadlines;

• Will help oversee Posing, FX and Layout teams as needed;

• Demonstrates good written and verbal communication, and exhibits a collaborative, supportive approach to working with other team members;

• Expected to lead and supports team meetings and a desire to advance, educate and improve others and

themselves. Will be the spokesperson for the animation team in meetings with the Directors and 


• Consistently exercise sound judgment in all areas of performance.

Skills Needed:

• Strong knowledge of Harmony. Knowledge of After Effects and Maya a plus;

• Team leadership skills

• Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and Gmail;

• Gmail extensions like Google Docs;

• Shotgun or other tracking software, aptitude to learn;

• Clear concise communication both written and verbal;

• Experience supervising animation for a full television series or feature. Preferably in Harmony

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