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CODEanagan Student Coach

Posted on: April 18th, 2019 Kelowna, BC United Way Southern Interior BC
Role and Responsibilities 

CODEanagan is a Program that connects disadvantaged youth in Kelowna to the exciting and fast expanding Technology Sector. Through Boot Camps hosted by Okanagan College in various topics (3D printing, digital animation and more) we help teach youth new, valuable skills to inspire their future education and career goals.

To keep these students excited about a career in technology we want to inspire them by having local talent be our CODEanagan Coaches. These Coaches would be assisting our Teachers in the Boot Camps helping students along their tech learning journey. You would also be a guide to how getting into technology can lead to a long time career full of amazing, unique opportunities and experiences. 

Spring Boot Camps

Digital Animation (2 Coaches Needed)

May 8th & 9th

The students attending this Boot Camp will be using professional software and animation techniques. Students will create a story board and bring 3D character to life.

General Coding (2 Coaches Needed)

May 15th & 16th

The students in this Boot Camp will explore the fundamentals of programming with objects and design. Using both a simple IDE and a commercial IDE, students will program two programs. They will also discuss what the computer science industry looks like and what career opportunities are out there.

Video Game Development and Programming (2 Coaches Needed)

May 22nd & 23rd

The students attending this Boot Camp will explore the fundamentals of video game programming and design. Working with a 2D engine, students will design their own game from scratch. There will also be discussion about the computer science industry and what career opportunities are out there.

3D Printing and Design (2 Coaches Needed)

May 29th & 30th

Using industry software and the guided expertise from a seasoned designer and instructor, students attending will develop the skills to design their own 3D projects. Easy to follow concepts will be taught and then the students will add their own creativity. There will also be discussions about what 3D printing can be used for and what materials are available.

Bring your passion for Technology and community to CODEanagan to help inspire the next generation of talent and start-ups.

·        In Classroom: Attend both sessions of Boot Camp assigned and collaborate with Instructor on application opportunities (ex. bringing in equipment, demos, showcase of your own projects/products)

·        Create: Develop, assign and guide student(s) through a ‘Take Home’ assignment outside of Boot Camp.

·        Meet: Work with Okanagan Boys and Girls Club on facilitating catch-up’s with your student(s). This can be done virtually as well on the provided platform.

·        Inform: Engage in discussion about how to navigate the Okanagan tech industry. Talk to them about your experiences.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

·        Enjoys working with youth and teaching opportunities.

·        Currently employed in tech sector related position or company.

·        Strong communication and listening skills.

·        Ability to guide and teach with patience.

·        Ability to work independent.

·        Fast learner.

Additional Notes: Criminal background check required. 
Compensation: $30/per hour
How to Apply

Subject Line: CODEanagan Student Coach & [INSERT: Specific Boot
*If you are interested in taking on more than one Boot Camp, please ensure that you include that in the Subject Line of your Submission.


Please Include: Resume, a brief description of yourself and why you would like to assist with our CODEanagan Program this Spring.

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