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Digital Community Manager

Posted on: November 13th, 2019 Kelowna, BC Pela

Wanted: World Class Community Manager!

Do you want to work for David instead of Goliath, Are you an entrepreneur in a community builder's body? Would you rather come to work in jeans? Does the idea of making a positive impact on the planet while building a raving fan base and strong community excite you?


  • Are really interested in electric vehicles
  • Appreciate a good debate even with your boss
  • Figure out how to fix it instead of who is to blame.
  • Paid for your own stuff when you were a teenager.
  • Are excited about building empowered teams.
  • Have pulled recyclables out of the trash.


  • Believe we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
  • Work to protect and restore the environment.
  • Aren't afraid to make mistakes as long as we learn.
  • Care more about your values and intelligence than your experience.
  • Are committed to creating team dynamics that create empowerment vs. entitlement

Our Core Values:

  1. Commit to a culture that builds a strong COMMUNITY.
  2. Foster CREATIVITY to inspire fresh innovation.
  3. Embrace COURAGE by taking action despite uncertainty.
  4. Live with Awareness and CONSCIOUSNESS of our choices.

The Opportunity:

The mission of the Community Manager is to cultivate a community of people who are passionate about the planet through:

  • Ambassador programs
  • Real-life events
  • Instagram engagement
  • Blog Features
Managing the strategy and execution of the ambassador program, as well as the community team aligning the overall goals of Pela to individual efforts.


  • Overseeing community team activities to ensure they are working toward the end goal of Pela’s community (Content Creator, Editor, Brand Partnership Specialist)
  • Developing tactics/campaigns to increase the overall growth of Instagram, ambassadors, and our partners.
  • Oversee Community team for leadup and execution of ongoing or specialist campaigns/tactics
    • Organizing deadlines and key dates of execution for the buildout of asset
    • Assigning tasks/deadlines as necessary
    • Approving/revising drafts of assets
  • Develop an annual strategy to align all community activities and execute on a quarterly basis
  • Buildout creative brief for campaigns that include goals, audience demographics, tone and copy.
  • Organize and enlist the members of Pela community to put on ‘in real life’ events in their schools, campuses and communities to boost brand awareness
  • Create opportunities to ‘wow’ customers and storytelling about those wow moments.
  • Communicate tactics of the marketing department to the entire company as well as results
  • Pro-actively work to increase community growth and overall company performance
  • Keep all campaigns and projects organized on assigning tasks and assets as needed​

Qualifications (What might describe you)

  • Minimum of 5 years experience in community/brand management role leading a team (preferably consumer goods).
  • Proven track record of managing all aspects of community campaigns (launch and ongoing performance)
  • Strong leadership skills - Ability to shape, mentor and encourage the growth of the community team
  • Strong project management skills - Ability to manage audience development, product launch, product upsell and overall performance.

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