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Project Manager

Posted on: February 14th, 2017 Kelowna, BC INhouse Video

Location: INhouse head office (downtown Kelowna)

Type: Full time

Experience: Project Management, Account Management, Customer Support experience would be awesome, but is not required.

Why We Need You: No one succeeds on their own. And that’s where you come in. Our customers love our rapid video production services and we need you to help them succeed with their video marketing! What exactly does that look like? 

Here are some examples of tasks for the role:

  • Manage customer accounts and video projects, including coordinating resources to ensure customer projects are done well and on time
  • Work with the Customer Success team to develop new retention programs
  • Create “how to” videos and screen captures for our resources page
  • Connect with customers to see what’s creating friction in their video production process.
  • Work with remote clients around the world to help their video projects rock!

Like everyone here at INhouse you’ll be wearing a few different hats. But here are your main responsibilities:

  • Project management and administration               50%
  • Customer support & account management           30%
  • Special projects (fun, weird, new stuff)                    20%

You are going to be solving problems on a daily basis. But don’t worry, it’s a team approach so we’ll make sure you’re able to help us grow without bogging you down with long meetings, complex approval processes, or other barriers to taking initiative.

INhouse Video ( provides video marketing services. We’re growing fast and need your help! This is an amazing opportunity to get a breadth of experience you won’t get with bigger companies.


Autonomy – there is no one here to micro-manage you, you get to be your own manager (and we’ll help you manage yourself effectively).

Ongoing training/learning – we are constantly trying new approaches and optimizing our workflow so you’ll be learning a lot.

Support – we’re as team as team can be. While we expect you to be able to run with things independently, you will always have support as we tackle new adventures and obstacles.

Excitement – you get to help grow a business!  We move fast. Trust us, things don’t get stale around here!

Flexibility – Your pay-cheque is only one piece of your life puzzle.  We all have lives outside of work and we respect that.  We are always open-minded to any needs you may have.

Opportunity for Advancement – as you grow into your new job and we grow as a company, you will be recognized and rewarded for our shared success. You will always feel appreciated. Promotions happen regularly around here.

How to Apply

This is the section where we’d normally list all kinds of skills and qualifications. But we’re not going to. Why not? Because we aren’t looking for specific skills or credentials – other than excellent communication and team work skills. We’re looking for an A-game mindset that says, “I’m pretty sure I can figure this out, let me jump in and get this done. I got this.”

So, if you’re ready to learn lots, dig in, help grow a new company and gain some kick-ass experience along the way then send us an email to with the following:

(1) Your name, email, and phone number
(2) A link to your LinkedIn profile or attach your resume
(3) A short video (60 seconds max) shot on your smartphone or tablet telling us why you want to join the team


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