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Senior Python Developer

Posted on: October 22nd, 2019 Kelowna, BC 7 Cheetahs Trading Inc.
7 Cheetahs Trading builds next-generation quantitative trading algorithms for financial institutions, family offices and proprietary trading firms. We are expanding our team to improve the quality of the code base and to implement more features to make more efficient and profitable trading decisions.

General requirements:
* Fluent English, both verbal and written.
* Python specialization.
* At least 1 year full time job experience as Senior Python Developer.
* At least 1 year full time freelance experience as Senior Python Developer.
* At least 3 years Python development experience.
* At least 1 year of backend development experience with Python.
* Respect for best software development practices, both general and Python specific.

Must-have skills:
* Python 3
* git
* Docker
* Linux or MacOS
* PyCharm
* Agile methodology
* Refactoring
* Unit testing
* Code review

Nice-to-have skills:
* Trading algorithm experience
* pandas, numpy and other scientific libraries
* Data science expertise
* Daily trading domain expertise
* MongoDB
* PostgreSQL
* Time series databases
* RabbitMQ
* pytest
* Windows

Our technology stack:
* Python 3
* pipenv
* pytest
* Django (in consideration for implementation of bot management and configuration system)
* MongoDB (plan to replace it with PostgreSQL or/and a time series database)
* RabbitMQ
* Docker
* Sentry
* ELK stack (Logstash / ElasticSearch / Kibana)
* nginx
* Linux
* WineHQ
* Windows (we need it to run some of the components that interface with the exchanges we trade on)
* git / bitbucket
* gitflow-like source code management
* Trello (plans to migrate to Jira)
* Slack
* Jenkins (we are planning to use it for CI system)

How to Apply
Please apply only if you are a highly qualified professional. You will be asked algorithm and architecture design questions in your interview. You will require a good understanding of how the Python interpreter, databases and operating system work internally.

Please email resume and cover letter to

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