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Senior Web Developer / Designer

Posted on: February 5th, 2021 Kelowna, BC Clique Group

Who we are:

Clique Group consists of multiple branches of business.

Clique Media runs performance-based advertising for medium-large sized companies, positioned to sell over $1MM/month in product or services. Clique Holdings takes equitable positions in ventures of interest, primarily real estate and private equity. Clique Brands designs and creates eCommerce product lines from the ground up.

Clique Group's mission is to leverage capitalism to create a visible difference in their community.

About the role:

In this role, you are responsible for assisting the CTO in Web Development and Design for our media and product development branches. You will be in charge of designing, publishing and hosting web pages, analyzing conversion rates of how they perform, and designing and implementing follow-up tests. 

You will be expected to handle:

- Design and host websites for multiple different brands.

- Analyze conversion rates for all active tests on a regular basis and continue to optimize/theorize new tests.

- Assist in managing all Shopify eCommerce stores for internal and external product brands.

Other components of this role will involve:

- Work with the CTO to design the UI for various Software Applications.

- Assist in designing of new brand's Shopify or custom platform stores.

- Assisting our CTO in managing several web servers (if applicable).

- Understand how to set up, debug and properly test website tracking for Facebook, Google Analytics and Microsoft Advertising.

Who you are:

- You have a diploma, degree or similar 3-5 years of work experience doing Web Development & Design.

- You know CSS3/HTML5/jQuery like the back of your hand.

- You are vastly experienced designing with Grid-based CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize, SemanticUI, Tailwind, Bulma or something similar.

- You are very experienced in Scss/Sass/Less CSS pre-processing frameworks.

- You have a strong understanding of git and have experience working in an agile development environment.

- You consider yourself a problem solver.

Maybe you also:

- Have a basic understanding of SPA frameworks such as Vue, React or Angular2.

- Have utilized tools such as Sketch and XD to mock wireframes.

- Have a basic understanding of Google Analytics, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and pixel tracking.

- Have a basic understanding of the Laravel framework, or similar PHP frameworks such as CakePHP, Symphony or CodeIgniter.

- Have a basic understanding of Cloud Hosting and working with Ubuntu 18.04+ Apache (or Nginx) web servers.

- Know PhotoShop and Illustrator like the back of your hand.


- Competitive compensation

- Flexible work hours

- Comprehensive health and dental benefits

- Work autonomy

How to Apply
Please send your cover letter and resumé to with the subject line "Senior Web Developer Application"


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