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Ronin HR Inc.

Recruitment & HR Advisory Services for the Okanagan Tech Community 5761 Mountainside Drive, Kelowna, BC
The word “Ronin" is Japanese, and means "masterless samurai". We believe this term aptly describes the tech experts looking for new challenges. Ronin HR is dedicated to providing recruitment and HR advisory services for the Okanagan tech community. The Okanagan has grown quickly into one of the leading technology regions in Canada, and is home to some of the most innovative companies in the country. We are committed to supporting the continued growth of the sector by providing bespoke services specifically geared toward the challenges faced by technology companies. Effective recruitment is more than just identifying candidates with the right technical qualifications. It is about finding the right person that fits the job requirements as well as the culture of the company. If you are an Okanagan tech company looking to build your team, we can help you by but developing and presenting a comprehensive package to identify and convince top talent to move and succeed here. Ronin HR’s principals come from the tech sector and understand the challenges of recruiting talent to the Okanagan. We have developed the network and the resources, and continue to work with community stakeholders to ensure that the Okanagan tech community has the talent we need.

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