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Piscine Energetics

1015 Fairweather Road, Vernon, BC
Piscine Energetics (PE) is a vertically integrated Canadian “green tech” environmental restoration company, manufacturer and supplier of sustainable fish food. Piscine Energetics removes invasive mysis shrimp from interior lakes in British Columbia. Invasive Mysis shrimp disrupt the natural food web, alter available feed sources and negatively impact native fish populations. Piscine Energetics pioneered proprietary harvesting technology for the removal of invasive aquatic organisms.  For over a decade, under the auspices of the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Piscine Energetics has been simultaneously transforming invasive shrimp into sustainable fish food supplying global aquaculture markets, Zoos and Public Aquariums in addition to the pet industry for aquarium hobbyists who have fish tanks at home or their place of work. For more information please visit

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