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Big Surf Beer Co.

Craft brewed beer in small batches 8860 Jim Bailey Crescent, Kelowna, BC
We are a craft brewery that is proud to be from Kelowna, in the centre of the sun-soaked Okanagan Valley. Starting with our award-winning Brewmaster, Wolfgang Hoess, we believe that beer is more than just a product – it is our passion – and this passion is the driving force behind Big Surf. This enthusiasm for beer has inspired us to dedicate ourselves to the creation of a quality brew for the right price, so more people can share our obsession. We know quality doesn't have to translate into high costs – it just takes hard work, experience and a genuine love for what we do. This is our recipe for creating a great tasting and absolutely affordable beer. So, cheers to all of you – let's kick back with friends and family and enjoy one of life's sweetest gifts – a, cold, crisp Big Surf beer!

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