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AgriForest Biotechnologies Ltd.

Quality Plants Through Tissue Culture Technology 4290 Wallace Hill Rd,, Kelowna, BC
AgriForest is a 100% Canadian privately owned plant bio-technology company involved in applied research leading to commercial production of economically important varieties of fruit trees, berries, grapevine, horticulture plants and medicinal plants through plant tissue culture technology. AgriForest was recognized as the Canadian Innovation Leader by the National Research Council of Canada for actively engaging in research and development, commercializing and adapting new technologies to produce superior quality plants to increase productivity and profitability of Canadian agriculture producers. AgriForest has been instrumental in increasing the productivity, efficiency and profitability of Canadian orchards, nurseries and vineyards by commercializing new plant varieties released by Agriculture Canada, Canadian Universities as well as private breeders. Over the years utilizing its novel and cutting edge tissue culture cloning technology, AgriForest has produced several million plants of new and diverse plant groups for the domestic and export markets.

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