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--- 3105 37th Ave., Vernon, BC
Soil health, crop yields and farm sustainability are all on the line from one harvest to the next. In the challenging farm environment, microbes are quickly proving to be a best ally. This is not to simply say that more microbes are necessary‚Ķ but it does mean that more of the right ones count to invigorate nutrient cycling, a fundamental premise to boost plant nutrition as well as immunity to ensure the best crop yields and quality. This is what Acterra Tech can do for you. With our proprietary process, we multiply beneficial microbes that produce a natural alliance of bacteria and yeasts for use as top dressings, foliar sprays, in furrow applications, tank irrigation, or to be mixed with compost. Build the microbial life specific to your farm's individuality, and spend less money on farm operations, inputs, herbicides and pesticides. Our service is compatible with sustainable farm practices. 

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