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Women's Enterprise Centre

Women's Enterprise Centre 201-1726 Dolphin Ave, Admin, Client Service and Events Coordinator, Kelowna, BC
We Help BC Women Entrepreneurs Fueling the success of BC women entrepreneurs since 1995 Women’s Enterprise Centre is the leading business resource for existing and aspiring BC women entrepreneurs. We provide business loans up to $150K, business skills training, personalized business advice, mentoring, practical business resources and a supportive community to help women business owners gain the skills, mindset, financing and networks they need to realize their business potential. Our team understands and relates to the unique circumstances of women business owners. Our experienced business advisors, mentors, trainers and facilitators provide our clients with tools and confidence through a supportive, individual and practical approach. With offices in Kelowna, Vancouver and Victoria, we offer services to the 146,000 women business owners in BC and, since 1995, we have responded to over 108,000 inquiries for business information.

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