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Plan for Your Departure 1402 Highland Drive South, Kelowna, BC
Think about it... How Would You Like to Be Remembered?

Check-Out is a website for Canadians to create and build their end-of-life plan. 

Subscribers are guided through the process using organized methodology to reduce the legal, financial, moral chaos that often occurs when a loved one passes. Activities such as writing a eulogy, asset and possession inventory and allocation, and burial and celebration of life planning reduces chaos, provides peace of mind, and offers proactive life management. 

Unlike funeral homes and estate planners, Check-Out provides editable, safe, emphatic planning for end-of-life events collaboratively, with trusted family and friends. 

The platform also encourages healthy discussions around death and strives to reduce fear of the unknown. Modules such as "Build the Playlist of Your Life" create an easy entry point to get started within the process.

Check-Out has been built with the hope that the platform will help people plan, communicate and heal and prevent the conflict and pain that are often commonplace today.

Again, how would you like to be remembered?

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