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The GOLD STANDARD for GREEN BOND issues 1641 Lonsdale Ave., VANCOUVER, BC
IMPACT INTERNATIONAL SECURED INVESTMENTS We Provide Solutions utilizing Green Bonds Impact International Secured Investments is a Canadian company headquartered in Vancouver, with offices in the Western USA, specializing in Green Bond issues. Our main objective is to help sustainable, socially responsible, and renewable energy projects off the ground. At the same time, provide assistance to companies Internationally to do their part in addressing and taking positive and meaningful action on the biggest challenge of the 21st century; Climate Change. So what are Green Bonds and how can they help? Green Bonds are very similar to corporate financing bonds issued by a company, on a promise to pay at a future date with interest, in exchange for money that can be used today to invest in essential Green projects. Green Bonds are unique in the investment world in that they are specifically tailored to Green Projects. Simply put, money from a Green Bond can only be allocated to low carbon projects such as renewables and energy efficiencies. The International market for Green Bonds has grown tremendously in the last five years as investors around the world look for ways to invest their money responsibly. Companies are seeing many benefits as Green Bonds offer a way to finance projects that might otherwise be very difficult to finance. Green Bond financing is rapidly attracting new investors globally who are looking at long-term investments. At Impact International Secured Investments, we manage all facets of developing Green Bond issues, with financing that range from $50-$250USD million or more, for secured bonds. We can produce secured or unsecured Green Bonds for clients or co-venture partners. For secured bonds (covered bonds), our unique green method is to offer assets in gold doré bullion from mines attached to the Green Bond issue. We use the proven precious metals in our mines to collateralize our bonds, making them some of the most secured

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