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Ruby Industries Inc.

Data Science consulting, Data Visualization, Customer and Marketing Analytics API and dashboards 3682 Glengarry Road, West Kelowna, BC
Ruby Industries Inc. is an award-winning Data Science, Data Visualization and Business Analytics consulting firm from West Kelowna. 


  • Data Science Consulting - You have data, we help you get actionable insights. We apply CRISP-DM methodology to deliver successful data projects across a wide range of industries. 
  • Data Visualization - Modern, interactive data visualizations and visual storytelling to communicate the insights drawn from data. 
  • Data Science Applications - Secure, flexible and scalable RESTful APIs, dashboards and custom reporting web-based applications deployed in the cloud. 


  • - data science platform that provides predictive analytics based on machine learning models. It can be successfully deployed across a wide range of industries, including retail, online gaming, and any other (online or brick-and-mortar) industry where customers can make repeated purchases over time in both contractual and non-contractual setting.
  • TimberVis - data visualization analytics for logging industry, helping operators analyze productivity and utilization of equipment and human resources. 
  • BC Housing Market Data Visualization - application developed for Government agencies BC Stats and Innovate BC (former BCIC - BC Innovation Council), after winning a data visualization challenge, awarded at BCTech Summit in Vancouver.

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