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collaborating with infrastructure owners to deliver value 2475 Dobbin Rd, Unit 22 - #517, West Kelowna, BC
icInfrastructure provides consulting, contracting and training to public and private sector infrastructure clients to support them with their infrastructure asset management and business improvement efforts. This includes developing Asset Management Plans (AMP), building ISO 55000 compliant Asset Management Systems and Roadmap planning, developing appropriate AM Policy and Strategy, developing Investment Planning and formal decision-making processes, and developing and delivering training / awareness building activities. icInfrastructure a new independent consulting firm that was started by Iain Cranston in 2017. Iain has worked with small and large municipalities, public utilities, and private industry clients across Canada, the US and UK. The core team is based in the Okanagan and growing rapidly, supporting clients across Canada. Need help with a business challenge you are having? Get in touch! Interested in working with the team or collaborating on a project? Get in touch!

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