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Discover your perfect career 1726 Dolphin Ave, Suite 205, Kelowna, BC
Sokanu is the world's leading career discovery solution. Its consumer-facing, ML-based career test and vast database of career info are visited by over 10M people annually (~40% pre-college) and the test is completed by 1M people annually. The career database provides always updating information on over 800 careers and includes compensation, education/training, and satisfaction data at both national and state levels. Backed by a mutli-billion dollar investor, we recently merged with XAP Corporation, a leader in delivering SaaS college & career planning solutions; their products are used by thousands of K-12 institutions, colleges and universities across the United States and Canada. We are very excited to bring together these complementary companies to build and deploy the world's most innovative, sophisticated, elegantly designed and effective digital systems and tools for guiding people toward and into highly successful and fulfilling careers.

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