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Create Solar. “Net-zero” is our passion. 2-727 Cassiar Cr, Kelowna, BC
Headquartered in Kelowna, BC, and serving both residential and commercial clients throughout the Okanagan, Create Solar was founded in 2016 by Hill Jiang — an architect with over two decades of international experience in energy-saving project design. Driven by his passion for solar energy and sustainable building practices, Jiang envisioned the company as a “one stop shop” for solar energy; helping to build greener, more energy-efficient communities along the way. The result is an exclusive inventory of products from some of the world’s leading PV developers and manufacturers, and a highly experienced team with expertise in solar energy design, installation, cleaning and maintenance. Not only do we bring our clients one step closer to “net-zero,” we provide dependable, cost-effective and efficient energy solutions to those searching for a more sustainable energy model.

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