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DataSpeckle Scientific Inc

Data Science on demand Kelowna, BC
DataSpeckle Inc. is an Artificial Intelligence company located in Kelowna with partners in New York and Berlin. With its 5+ Ph.D.'s and 100+ machine learning and data engineers, DataSpeckle provides high technology Data Science solutions to enterprises, as well as small businesses. AI and Data Science are shaping the future, yet, these technologies are beyond the reach of startups or small to medium-size businesses. Because keeping a data science team in-house is expensive and talent in these areas is scarce. However, complex AI applications need dedicated teams. We offer agile teams of Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, data, and full-stack engineers. We work platform agnostic. Whether you need data annotation, digital transformation, or neural network models, we are your Data Science team. Our teams scale up or down based on your needs, saving costs up to 70% compared to North American markets enabling our clients to build their ideas faster while keeping their IP. We have served companies in Financial & Insurance, Healthcare & Medical imaging, Logistic & Supply Chain, Security, Retail & Commerce, Document Automation, Business Analytics, Predictive analysis, Demand forecast, Mobile automation, underwater imaging, and Computer Vision object detection.

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