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Kelowna's Premiere Coworking Space 201-1405 St. Paul Street, Kelowna, BC

Okanagan coLab as a rich community of innovators who are always open to new ideas and constantly on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate, upskill, or socialize.

Since 2011, Okanagan coLab has been supporting new entrepreneurs and inspired creative professionals to work in a new way — through coworking. We are a community of people who choose to work together to make our work, our lives, our cities, and our communities better.

Need lightning-fast WiFi? We’ve got that. Meeting rooms? Got those, too. But the biggest benefit you’ll get from coLab? Is being part of a community.

How to Start 

coLab is a shared coworking space for independent professionals and startup founders who crave social contact. Membership has its perks. 

When you become a coLab member, you’ll get: 

  • Super-fast Internet Dark-fibre wireless Internet from our in-house provider CanHost gives you up to 1 Gbps download speeds! (Hold onto your keyboard!) 
  • Hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices: No matter your needs, you’ll find an office solution that works for you. 
  • Boardrooms, meeting rooms, event rooms, oh my! Use one of our 5 boardrooms for meetings, or host a workshop for up to 50 people in our event space. 
  • Coffee strong enough to keep Lorelai Gilmore happy. All members have access to FREE Cherry Hill coffee. (Also, tea for the tea drinkers. Ca-tea-strophe averted!) 
  • Two spacious kitchen lounges. Because eating at your desk is for sadsack loners. (It’s also bad for you, but mostly the “sadsack” thing.)

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