Attention all startups, entrepreneurs and companies who want to grow!

The JumpStart Challenge is an annual competition run by Accelerate Okanagan. In order to apply you must be deemed “fundable” and have an excellent chance of market success.

All entrants must agree to fully participate in all the events and meet commitments as set out by the JumpStart team. The top 10 entrants receive eight weeks of coaching and mentorship with a chance to advance and pitch their ideas to the BC investment community and win a cash prize.

Why Enter?

Accelerate Okanagan’s JumpStart Challenge provides technology companies and entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to benefit from the support, assistance and insights of a dedicated team of experienced experts and Executives-in-Residence (EiR)

Get help raising capital In addition to the above mentorship, the JumpStart Challenge benefits entrants by providing concentrated help in cracking one of the most persistent business challenges: raising capital.
Be presented with fresh thoughts The Challenge provides participants with fresh thinking to help refine and validate their business idea, and will help provide new momentum to fund raising efforts.
Upon completion of the challenge, those chosen to participate will have a solid, five minute presentation ready to pitch to potential investors.
  • Top 10

    For a period of eight weeks, the top 10 entrants are trained, coached and mentored by our team of experts in order to create the best pitch possible to increase their chances of raising capital.

  • Top 5

    Five finalists will present their business ideas to pre-selected members of the BC investment community.

  • Winner

    Your EIR will introduce you directly to their business networks

Selection Criteria

To apply for the challenge, a multidisciplinary team in place is an asset but not an essential piece of the puzzle. The most important aspect is that you be ready, willing and able to commit to the eight weeks of mentoring and training.

Winners of this challenge are expected to give 100% to the commitments and to attend the various events as set forth by Accelerate Okanagan. Companies that have great chance of succeeding in today’s marketplace will be given top priority.

  • “ The two biggest reasons I would encourage other companies to join the Jump:Start:Challenge is that it will help validate your business opportunity and give you valuable experience with pitching. That is something which is very important; in order to succeed you need to be able to pitch your company. ”

    - Rob Bartlett, CEO, WTFast
  • “ The mentorship that you get is incredible, as it allows you to continuously improve how you pitch your company’s idea. As an entrepreneur, you are going to need these skills anywhere, whether it’s in a boardroom selling your product or presenting to investors and so having those skills, and always refining those skills, is very important. Winning the Jump:Start:Challenge created a lot of great exposure for our company throughout British Columbia. I would strongly encourage any startup to join the Jump:Start:Challenge! ”

    - Alison Yesilcimen, CEO, Media Cooler Innovations
  • “ Jump:Start was very important to our company for two main reasons. First, it helped us further believe in our opportunity by validating it through the mentorship process and through the practice pitches and final presentations. And secondly, it helped reshape our team mindset. Jump:Start made us analyse every angle of our project from financing, sales, time to market, scalability etc. forcing us to ask hard questions that streamlined the company. ”

    - Stephen Whiting, Director, StreetText
How to enter

We will have more information on the 2015 JumpStart Challenge in the next few months.

You may also contact us at