Market Intelligence Program

Seven out of 10 products fail because entrepreneurs don’t understand their customers and competitors. Knowing the marketplace that you plan to do business in is a vital part of growing your startup. 

The MaRS Market Intelligence Program (MIP) helps entrepreneurs make decisions about their product by providing current, relevant and timely information about their industries, competitors, markets, potential investors and partners, intellectual property and best business practices.

Now available to eligible British Columbia companies for $500, the Market Intelligence Program provides companies with access to thousands of proprietary reports from top-tier research firms and advice from experienced industry analysts based at MaRS Toronto.

Market Research Request Form

Application Deadlines
March 5th, 2017
Send application to

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What's included

> Secondary market research reports covering ICT, Health and Cleantech provided by databases, such as:

BCC Research
Euromonitor International
Frost & Sullivan

> One report request with two follow up requests for clarification and questions

> Up to 4 hours for reviewing content with an Accelerate Okanagan Executive in Residence.

Question focus areas

> Market segmentation

> Size of market

> Growth rates

> Types of business models

> Purchasing habits

> Demographic data

> Industry trends

> Customer segment characteristics

See sample case study questions

Why use MIP?

> Complete pitch deck for investor presentation

> Develop launch strategy

> Refine market validated product (MVP)

> Complete business plan

> Fine tune patent strategy

> Understand local and international market

> Develop an export strategy

Eligibility Criteria

Canadian startups with under $1M in revenues in the past fiscal year and under $5M raised in private investments since established. The company must also fit into one of the categories below.

ICT & Entertainment

Online and mobile apps
Digital multimedia

Health & Life Sciences

Medical devices
Diagnostics & Imaging
Healthcare IT
Foods & natural products

Cleantech & Advanced Materials

Renewable energy
Physical sciences
Advanced materials

Application Process
  • 1. Fill out Application

    EiR and client complete request form and send to Alex Reid

  • 2. Submit Application

    Programs team reviews request form and sends it to MaRS on behalf of the client.

  • 3. Confirmation & Results

    The MI team will provide research results in 5-10 business days.

Market Research Request Form

Send application to

Download Application