The OKGN Angel Summit is a 10-week program designed to educate investors and startup companies from across British Columbia.

Through a guided process, angel investors receive training around the investment and due diligence process. This provides participants with a chance to actively learn how to vet companies, provide feedback, and perform due diligence in helping to support early-stage companies. Participating companies will learn about the capital raising process and how to effectively build relationships with prospective investors.

At the end of the program, 6 finalists will pitch to an audience of community members. During this finale, a winner will be chosen to receive a minimum investment of $100,000.








1. Applications & Reviews

Investors meet and gain details around the investing process. Reviews are conducted on every business that has applied for the Summit.

2. Quarter-Finalists Selected

24 businesses are chosen to continue the program. The selected companies receive training for investment readiness.

3. Top 24 Pitch to Investors

The finalists deliver 3-minute pitches to investors, followed by an opportunity for breakout conversations between companies and investors.

4. Semi-Finalists Selected

The list of participating businesses is narrowed down to 12. Those companies receive additional investment training.

5. Top 12 Pitch to Investors

The finalists deliver 10-minute pitches to investors, followed by an opportunity for breakout conversations between companies and investors.

6. Finalists Selected

Investors reduce the number of participants down to the final 6. Companies and investors receive training in the due diligence process.

7. Due Diligence Investigation

Companies and investors undergo the due diligence process, diving deep into the structure and viability of the final 6 companies.

8. The Finale

The community is invited to a grande finale where they can watch the final 6 companies provide their last 10-minute pitch to investors. Investors do their final deliberation and announce who will take home the winning investment.




Entering the summit has given us the chance to meet over 30 local investors who are often experts in the fields where we are just starting our business. It is my best $200 business expense yet.

- Jason Bernhardt, Levity


As a startup in the technology sector, one of the hardest parts of scaling the business is fundraising. The amount of time it takes to schedule, meet with investors, go through due diligence, etc. The OKGN Angel Summit allowed 24 companies to pitch in front of 30+ investors all at one time! Now we have new relationships being formed with investors we likely would never have met.

- Naveen Nand, WalletCard


The Angel Summit is a rare opportunity to look under the hood when it comes to raising external funding for a start-up venture. We made great connections to local investors, as well as other entrepreneurs and have a much better sense of the road in front of us now as we move towards our goals.

- Karen Olsson, BitGuard








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