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As part of the Discovery Foundation Technology Education Program (TEP), RevUP is vital for technology companies with rapid-growth issues. Individualized action plans, and targeted skills development are key aspects of RevUP to support you and your senior leadership team. 

Technology entrepreneurs in the growth stage are primarily challenged in three key areas as they scale their business: 

  • Building repeatable and scalable revenue models 
  • Inefficient business and operational processes 
  • Capital management and accessing growth capital
  • Personal leadership coaching  

RevUP connects you and your senior leadership team with peers from companies at a similar stage and a team of experienced entrepreneurs to help you grow your business. Clients on the RevUP program also receive complimentary tickets to BC’s top tech events and access to quarterly investment events.

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Ideal RevUP Company
  • Product based tech company
  • Post-revenue - $500,000 or higher
  • Committed to high growth
  • Management team in place
Program Structure

  • Customized Planning

    Company-specific plans for achieving scalable business growth, including an in-depth business plan.

  • Mentorship + Coaching

    EiR support for CEO and senior leadership team.

  • Training and Courses

    Targeted workshops focused on Capital/Customer
    Acquistion, Operational Excellence, Access to Capital.

  • Peer to Peer Engagement

    Opportunities to interact with various other entrepreneurs facing similar challenges.

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