Accelerate your growth and maximize your opportunity.

Who’s it for? Startup or early-stage technology companies, looking to accelerate growth and maximize opportunities.

Our Venture Acceleration Program (VAP) starts with us pairing you up with a lead Executive in Residence (EiR) who will help to guide and coach you through a structured growth program. Specifically, we'll help you through the process of defining a business model, using a set of proven product-validation and market-validation best practices. Workshops, seminars and networking events combined to ensure you get everything you need to succeed. 

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Application Deadline               Intake Pitch Date
August 25th, 2017    September 8th, 2017
September 29th, 2017   October 20th, 2017
October 27th, 2017   November 17th, 2017
December 29th, 2017   January 19th, 2017 
January 26th, 2017    February 16th, 2017

Each company is required to complete the above application form and attend an intake pitch session once their application has been approved. 

Ideal VAP Company
  • Product based tech company
  • Pre-revenue/early revenue
  • Prototype / minimum viable product in progress
  • Clean/green tech, Agri-tech, Life Sci. Tech, Information/ communications tech, Adv. Manuf.
  • Business / Tech co-founder team in place
  • Committed to building a company
Our Approach

This program is based on Steve Blank’s Customer Development Model and Eric Ries’ Lean Startup framework. The Venture Growth Model defines the growth process for a startup in four stages:

  • Product Validation

    Make sure your product has a real market need and develop an early stage strategy to enter the market

  • Market Validation

    Identify and take advantage of your best market opportunities. Develop a clear value proposition and bring early adopters on board

  • Market Penetration

    Refine your business model and build a repeatable sales process that is profitable. This leads to dominating your company’s first market segment.

  • Market Expansion

    Now it’s time to grow and scale the business which leads to dominating multiple market segments.

Entrepreneurs are guided through the Venture Growth Model by an Executive in Residence (EIR), and other mentor resources as needed.

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Here’s How It Works

Entrepreneurs that participate in the Venture Acceleration program receive highly subsidized executive-level consulting from industry experts. They are also given access to a wide variety of perks through the VAP.

Executive in Residence - EIR Every entrepreneur in the program is assigned an EIR as a primary advisor and coach. EIRs guide entrepreneurs through the Venture Growth Model, and work closely with entrepreneurs to set the right objectives and focus on the right priorities. Entrepreneurs are coached through day-to-day issues and given solid advice and help in order to overcome the typical challenges of successful growing startup.
Group Sessions There are several workshops and ongoing information sessions available through Accelerate Okanagan. They provide additional guidance and advice as needed. These workshops and sessions are led by highly experienced individuals – often serial entrepreneurs themselves.
Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs must have a solid commitment to their business. A balanced team of a technical and non-technical co-founder is ideal. A broad range of technology based companies find value in the program including information & communications tech, clean and green tech, agricultural tech, life science tech, and advanced manufacturing.
All EIRs receive extensive training through the BC Acceleration Network.
Access to knowledge

As a VAP participant you will have access to various workshops, seminars, and education programs designed to give you the knowledge base and information you need to succeed. Some of the topics include business planning, marketing, legal, financial, human resources, sales, technology and operations, as well as accessing capital.


The VAP provides clients with the critical connections, supportive network and collaboration opportunities they need to succeed. Connections include access to potential investors, partners, sales opportunities and employees on a provincial, national and international level.


VAP companies receive $1,000/month in hosting credit for 12 months (toward both Dedicated Servers and/or Cloud), as well as expert help and advice from SoftLayer’s Innovation Team.

Financial, Legal and HR

Our regular business clinics are run by our professional Partners who provide one on one guidance in the areas of Finance, Legal and HR. These appointments are available in 45 minute blocks and provide VAP participants with experienced, successful business professionals who work hands-on with entrepreneurs to share advice, solve problems, and assist in identifying and overcoming hurdles to growth.


Quickbooks is the #1 rated small business accounting software, designed to save you time so you can focus on running your business. VAP companies receive QuickBooks Online for one year at a special rate of $29.95/month.


Accelerate Okanagan provides access to a library of free books and curated content that will help you push your company to the next level.

Kelowna Innovation Centre

Program clients have access to fully equipped meeting rooms, high-speed internet, drop-in desk space and a mailing address. Our lounge offers free Big Surf beer and coffee for your enjoyment as you network or wind down at the end of the day ‘with other technology professionals. We also offer subsidized office space and coworking spaces at an additional monthly rental fee – check it out.

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